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My Father's World Curriculum stands as a beacon of educational excellence, deeply rooted in Christian principles and a commitment to nurturing young minds. By intertwining faith with academics, this curriculum offers families a comprehensive approach to learning that transcends traditional boundaries. From preschool to high school, My Father's World Curriculum cultivates a love for exploration and discovery, empowering students to engage with the world around them with wisdom and discernment.


With a rich array of resources spanning literature, history, science, and more, My Father's World Curriculum provides a robust framework for holistic growth. Through hands-on experiences and real-world applications, students are not only equipped with academic knowledge but also imbued with moral integrity and a sense of purpose. Join us on this transformative journey of education, where faith and learning converge to shape hearts, minds, and futures.


My Father’s World Curriculum:


  • Thoroughly integrates God’s Word across a variety of subjects: Hebraic Classical Education

  • Is designed so a parent/teacher can seamlessly lead multiple children across a wide age range: Our Curriculum

  • Can be taught easily by a small team of parents/teachers: What Makes Us Unique

  • Provides step-by-step daily lesson plans for minimal prep time and maximum ease of use: Our Philosophy

  • Is structured to cover required subjects in less time than an average public school day: Our Scope and Sequence

  • Encourages older children to help by sharing knowledge with the younger children: Our Family Learning Cycle


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